Dad goes viral on Twitter after building insane “flamethrower” toy for his kids

Philip Trahan
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Twitter: @ActionMovieDad

Content creator ActionMovieDad set the internet on fire with his VFX skills after giving his kids a “flamethrower” toy to play with.

While most kids these days have fun playing Fortnite with friends, it’s always good to go outside and play with actual toys.

One amazing dad took this to the extreme after encouraging his kids to get creative and have fun with a cordless leafblower and some fabric.

Thanks to his incredible editing and visual effects skills, this father turned his kid’s “flamethrower” toy into a viral sensation.

Dad builds “flamethrower” toy for his kids

The spectacular father in question is Daniel ‘Hashi’ Hashimoto, who goes by the name ActionMovieDad on social media.

On August 2, 2022, Hashimoto posted a Twitter video of his kids playing with a cordless leafblower with orange and red silk fabric rubberbanded to the nozzle.

In action, the leafblower projects the billowing fabric outward creating the illusion of flames spewing from the end of the power tool.

True to his handle of the ‘ActionMovieDad,’ Hashimoto posted a follow-up video, cutting out a snippet of the original and showing off his VFX talents.

Instead of flame-colored fabric, the new video showed realistic flames jetting out the end of the leafblower, complete with heat haze and all.

The tweets quickly went viral, as the original video gained over 250,000 likes and 26,000 retweets in just three days.

Unfortunately, the videos proved to be divisive among internet goers, with some praising the creativity of the toy while others chastised the “violence” on display.

“Kinda horrific when you think what a real flamethrower can do to a human…” said JimmyGlenn711.

Others like Retoxx, who said, “Ok, the first video was cool, what a fun idea… But with the digital effects added in, this is just awesome,” focused on the creativity and skill that went into crafting both videos.

Though it’s certainly hard to please everybody on the internet, Hashimoto’s kids certainly looked like they were having a good time with their new toy.