DaBaby responds to viral clip of him allegedly trying to kiss fan

Twitter: nojumper

Rapper DaBaby has denied that he attempted to forcibly kiss a fan in a video that is now going viral online, with many describing his behavior as “creepy.”

In April, a video emerged on Twitter that showed US rapper DaBaby allegedly trying to forcibly kiss a fan in a crowd. He appears to reach out to touch her face and leans in, but the fan in question pulls away.

The clip quickly started garnering attention on social media, with the main video at nearly seven million views at the time of writing, appearing in a number of tweets about the situation.

Viewers slammed the rapper’s behavior as being “creepy,” however, he has since denied that he tried to kiss the woman in the video.

On his Instagram story on April 7, he shared a video to his story that he uploaded eight weeks prior, where he wrote in the caption: “One thing bae nem ain’t finna do is play bout me.”

Next to the video on his story, he also added: “Y’all go head on man. Me and my booboos love each other to death but ain’t no kissin goin on.”

DaBaby shares a video to his Instagram storyInstagram: dababy
DaBaby responded to the backlash on his Instagram story.

Additionally, he commented underneath a post about the video shared by popular tea page ‘The Shade Room’ on Instagram.

DaBaby responds to an Instagram postInstagram: theshaderoom
The rapper also responded to a post on Instagram page The Shade Room.

“Bae was upset that I blew a kiss at her lil buddy first,” he wrote, “I’m sorry bae.” He also commented a series of cry-laugh emojis along with the ‘cap’ emoji.

The video is continuing to go viral across multiple different social media platforms,