Cyr claims Twitch is banning him after showing nudity on broadcast

Andrew Amos
Cyr wearing blazer and floral shirt on Twitch stream
Twitch: Cyr

OTK star ‘Cyr’ is getting banned on Twitch ⁠— but he’s not suspended just yet. The platform gave the streamer a heads-up on his upcoming ban for showing nudity on broadcast, and is juicing his last stream for three days for what it’s worth.

Cyr is getting banned on Twitch, the OTK star has confirmed, but it’s not happening right away. The Amazon-owned platform gave him a heads up ahead of his January 14 stream that he would be banned for three days after showing nudity earlier in the week.

“I was told by Twitch today that I’m going to be having a three day ban incoming, starting today,” he said to kick off his latest broadcast.

“A couple of days ago, we were watching music videos. I think nudity showed up for a split-second. That’s that. It is what it is.

“I can’t even remember, honestly, what it was. I’m assuming someone went out of their way to report me because I did delete the VOD whenever it happened.”

Twitch’s community guidelines do prohibit nudity and “sexually suggestive content.”

Some are skeptical of Cyr’s claims in the wake of Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang staging his own Twitch ban in an attempt to stop streamers re-broadcasting copyright content. However, Cyr doubled down in saying the ban is legitimate.

While it’s put a spanner in Cyr’s content schedule, rescheduling planned streams around the ban, he’s also managed to see the lighter sides of the ban. He’s not necessarily annoyed he won’t be able to stream ⁠— although he did have plans ⁠— but it’s losing access to his Twitch account that has him a bit more annoyed.

“The worst thing is I’ll have to deal with ads because I won’t be able to be logged into my account when I’m banned, and that’s the worst thing about all of this: having to deal with ads,” he laughed.

Cyr joins OTK announcement
Cyr made waves by joining OTK near the end of 2021.

Cyr even, somewhat jokingly, asked for his viewers to subscribe while his channel is live so he can get reap a big check when he returns. However, he did end by saying he’s not too sure how he’s going to spend his three-day vacation.

“My stream is set to 18+ and I do go out of my way to ban somebody if they say they are under 18 if they are watching the stream. It is what it is, though. It’s just three days. I think I’ll go camping ⁠— I don’t know what I’m going to do for three days.”

“It’s going to suck. I know three days isn’t that long, but when you actually want to stream, it sucks.”