Curtis Lepore shares and quickly deletes statement amid Gabbie Hanna & Jessie Smiles drama

Curtis Lepore statement gabbie hanna jessi smilesInstagram: curtislepore / YouTube: Gabbie Hanna

Amid the ongoing back-and-forth between influencers Gabbie Hanna and Jessi Smiles, disgraced internet comedian Curtis Lepore — Smiles’ abusive ex-boyfriend — has published and later removed a statement commenting on the feud.

The issue between Gabbie Hannah, a longtime YouTuber and music artist, and Jessi Smiles, a fellow influencer, has been happening for some time now.

For those out of the loop, Smiles released a video in 2019 accusing Hanna of associating with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore, despite being one of her former best friends.

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While Hanna initially denied having any affiliation with Lepore in a Buzzfeed interview, a phone call released by Smiles in 2021 proved that Hanna had met up with Lepore on three separate occasions.

The two have been spatting back and forth ever since, with Gabbie releasing a lengthy video on the subject that Jessie reacted to on July 5, 2021. Smiles claimed that Gabbie had threatened to smear her on two separate podcasts if she didn’t get one of her friends to stop tweeting about her — a friend that Hanna had levied some serious claims against.

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Amidst all this, Lepore released yet another statement regarding the accusations of abuse and assault against him, but appeared to quickly delete the tweet.

“Please pay attention to those who continually bring me up,” he wrote.

“It’s always a hot topic, and gets a lot of attention. It’s really sad to see people refresh this skewed story about me over and over to stay relevant. You’re not helping anyone by bringing it up, either. Move on.”

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Curtis Lepore deleted tweetTwitter: Curtis Lepore
Curtis Lepore published, then deleted, this tweet amid the ongoing situation between Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna.

This was preceded by another Tweet also seeming to comment on the ongoing situation, where Lepore called Twitter “toxic” and claimed he’s “seen countless lies and made up stories about me for the past 8 years.”

It doesn’t seem like the internet is all too enthused by his attitude on the subject as the feud between Hanna and Smiles continues to escalate, with commenters decrying Lepore and sending ample support Jessi’s way.

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