CSGO streamer OhnePixel calls out Twitch inconsistency after emote banned for “sexual content”

OhnePixel on TwitchTwitch: OhnePixel

After another surprise emote ban by Twitch, streamer OhnePixel highlighted the confusion which the platform’s moderation creates, when an emote of him bowling was removed.

OhnePixel, best known for his content about CS:GO skins, had his ‘OhnePls’ emote removed on September 27.

The emote was an image of him bowling, from behind, and was animated to make it appear as though he was dancing. The emote was removed for breaking Twitch’s community on ‘sexual content or nudity’.

This is not dissimilar to many other emotes deleted by Twitch, citing similar reasons, despite the emotes appearing totally innocuous. After being notified of the emote’s removal, however, OhnePixel highlighted how Twitch allows suggestive content in livestreams.

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OhnePixel perplexed by emote ban on Twitch

“This [emote] got deleted for, I quote, ‘sexual content or nudity’. My emoji, where I’m bowling, and I’m dancing to the music. Brother, if I go on Twitch, go to the f**king Just Chatting section…”

OhnePixel pulls up a stream from a Korean broadcaster, who just happens to be dancing rather similarly to the emote itself.

“Bro, are you f**king serious?” Ohne exclaimed.

Twitch has a track record of deleting emotes that appear rather innocent, for showing any sort of reference to a person’s rear, as well as what they describe as “gasm” emotes – despite “Kreygasm” being an official global emote on the platform.

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Other recent examples include a cat emote being removed, as well as a very similar emote of a hippo, which users had called ‘adorable’.

In both cases, the streamers and fans questioned why the platform took such a hard stance on these emotes, compared to the content that is permitted, particularly in the Just Chatting, or Hot Tub categories of Twitch.

However, one possible reason for this is that streams can be marked as ‘for mature audiences only’, while emotes, once uploaded, can be used across any stream on the platform. Twitch does not comment on community guidelines violations to protect the privacy of users.

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On the plus side, the loss of this emote should hurt OhnePixel less than the loss of his MAC-10 Heat skin in CS:GO with 4 Reason Holo stickers, which is now worth considerably more than he sold it for – as his fans often remind him.