CSGO player’s Twitch stream ends in disaster after ceiling caves in

Twitter: Dylastein

A CSGO player’s Twitch stream ended in disaster after his ceiling caved in behind him while spectating a recent match.

With Twitch’s growth over the last few years, there are so many streamers on the platform that you almost always find something interesting happening in the community.

Things that happen during a creator’s stream aren’t always positive, however, As Twitch streamer Dylastein recently learned.

During a broadcast on April 5, Dylastein’s ceiling caved in behind him, covering his bed and belongings in the process.

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Twitch streamer’s ceiling falls onto bed

While spectating the end of a match on CSGO, you can hear the drywall fall from the ceiling.

“What the f*ck, my ceiling just caved in. The ceiling just f*ckin caved in, the actual ceiling just caved in,” he said before a woman entered the room.

Not even two minutes later, the Twitch streamer decided to end his broadcast.

Dylastein shared the clip of it happening to his Twitter page, as well as photos of the aftermath.

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In another tweet, he said he was napping right before his stream, presumably in his bed that was right under the damaged area.

Twitter DylasteinTwitter: Dylastein

When asked about what caused the collapse, the Twitch streamer revealed that a leak in the house’s AC had caused water to damage the drywall.

It’s safe to say that he’s been working on clearing and repairing the damaged ceiling since the incident took place, and hasn’t gone live on his channel since.

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