Creepy Twitch fan blasted for trying to hunt down & date female streamer

Theo Salaun
Unsplash / Twitch

A Redditor, ‘TA1381,’ has asked for advice and feedback on his plans to meet and hopefully start dating a Twitch streamer. Many have firmly responded that he needs to rethink this behavior.

The ‘relationship_advice’ subreddit is typically angled toward actual relationships, but a controversial parasocial relationship has now risen to the forefront as people try to stymie a Twitch fan’s plans to eventually date a streamer — by getting employed at a vitamin store near her gym and hoping to meet her.

As TA1381 casually explains, he’s a 22-year-old male who has been watching a female streamer a lot and has “grown to like her quite a bit.” Wanting to be differentiated from other viewers who may be “attracted to a hot Twitch streamer,” he expands that she is “really pretty,” but he likes her personality because she is “into stuff like gaming, Star Wars, and some of the other ‘nerdy’ things.” Most importantly, “she lives in my city.”

Further, as explained in different comments, TA1381 doesn’t want to message his crush on social media because “this girl is out of my league in terms of looks.” So he would rather try and meet her and strike up a conversation, through getting employed “at vitamin and nutrient stores that I suspect her of going to.”

Creepy Reddit Comment
Reddit, u/TA1381
TA1381 explains why he doesn’t want to just DM the streamer.

He came to Reddit looking for advice and feedback, and those responses have been unanimous: do not do this.

As Kris Straub elaborates, “I can think like this person. It’s all said very thoughtfully and unmenacingly. And, after all, how does one meet someone?” This is all valid, TA1381’s post, unless it’s a perfectly crafted troll, exudes a calm, logical earnestness. But that doesn’t justify a “driving logic” that Straub describes as “rotten, irredeemable.”

Creepy Reddit Comment
Reddit, u/TA1381
TA1381’s clarification on how we would interact with the streamer IRL.

That appears to be somewhat recognized by TA1381, as they mention in a separate comment that they would not “even mention being a fan who watches her streams.” Suggesting an awareness that it is creepy to be someone’s fan and track down a way to meet them in the real world.

Ultimately, some responses to this plan try to understand where he is coming from, some simply shut it down, and others mention just how directly this reflects the plight of many female streamers. 

Overall, they are all in agreement that these actions constitute stalking and should never be even remotely considered.