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Entertainment • Jun 11, 2019

Crazy Twitch streamer banned after having dog lick sleeping girl's ass

Crazy Twitch streamer banned after having dog lick sleeping girl's ass

A Twitch channel that streamed a female getting her backside licked by a dog has now been suspended by the platform. 


The 'Just Chatting' category is arguably the wildest and most unpredictable section of Twitch, contrary to the platform's intentions when they first created it.

Nowadays, the abyss of the category is deep enough to encompass anyone's strangest imaginations, and even the most unusual content can often be found when scrolling down enough.


This is why not many were caught by surprise when a streamer decided to take the "social eating" concept to a whole new level by baiting and coercing a dog into licking an apparently sleeping female's butt live on stream.

The Just Chatting category is one of the biggest on Twitch, and also the strangest in terms of content.


A clip from the stream, that has since gone viral, starts off by showing the streamer with a mischievous expression on his face, holding a variety of snacks. 

Behind him, a woman is lying facedown on a bed, and an excited dog can be seen anxiously waiting for those delicious snacks to come his way.

However, instead of feeding the snacks to the dog directly, the streamer places them right on the female's backside, letting the dog take them himself.

Things take an even odder turn when he decides to slather what appears to be peanut butter on the butt, which predictably leads to the dog licking it straight off. 

As amusing or horrifying as the clip was, depending on who was watching, no one was really shocked when Twitch decided to ban the channel, which no longer can be accessed on the platform.

The length of the suspension remains to be seen, although it could end up being a permanent ban, considering that the streamer has a history of peculiar activity on the channel.

The video below, which again features a sleeping female, shows him approaching the bed, ripping off his shirt, and proceeding to dance right in front of the sleeping girl. 

At this point, we are still trying to determine the identity of the streamer, since there's no way to access the channel until it gets reinstated.

We will continue to bring you updates on his channel's fate as more information becomes available. 

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