COVER CEO Yagoo highlights growth for Hololive in Europe, South America

Yagoo from Hololive looking at cameraTwitter: Hololive

COVER Corp CEO Motoaki ‘Yagoo’ Tanigo has suggested that Hololive Production could soon make waves in Europe and South America with VTuber talent potentially being developed there.

The world of VTubers – Virtual YouTubers – might be an unusual one to outsiders, but they have taken over the streaming scene in the last eighteen months or so across both Twitch and YouTube.

While some streamers have dabbled in the world of VTubing by replacing their usual face cam with a custom avatar, the biggest and most dedicated creators form parts of agencies like Hololive and NIJISANJI.

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These agencies are based in Asia – mainly Japan, and some have spread out to Indonesia – but they could soon be making an arrival in Europe and South America, and potentially develop local talents.

Yagoo hints at Hololive potentially moving into Europe & South America

Speaking to Anime News Network at CrunchyRoll Expo, COVER Corp CEO Motoaki ‘Yagoo’ Tanigo was quizzed about a possible expansion for Hololive and quickly pointed to Europe and South America’s love of anime.

“This is a hard question. Right now, Japanese anime is big all over the world, so there are a lot of really strong markets. I don’t have extensive knowledge about the international scene, but there are places like South America or Europe where a lot of anime are localized, and which are really interesting to me,” Yagoo said.

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“We would like to try out those markets, and if things go well, we may also localize for those markets and foster talents from there.”

Hololive EN second gen omen vtuber detailsCover Corp
Hololive could continue to grow across English-language speaking countries.

Having VTuber talents across the globe would certainly be a big step in the continued growth of the scene, which has already taken some massive steps over the last few months.

We’ll have to wait and see if the plans come to fruition, though.