CouRage trolls internet with “sneak peek” of new 100 Thieves house

YouTube: Courage / 100 Thieves

YouTube Gaming star Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop set fans up for the ultimate bait and switch when he teased a sneak peak at the new 100 Thieves house, only to troll them instead.

100 Thieves supporters have been eager for any kind of glimpse at the new Content House ever since Nadeshot revealed that it’ll blow people away during the December 19 episode of his podcast with CouRage.

It appeared as though fans were in for a treat with a sneak peak on January 3 when the YouTube Gaming star tweeted that he would show off an early preview of the new den if his post got over a certain amount of likes – something which turned out to be a sneaky troll.

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CouRage’s tweet accumulated the 5,000 like goal in just a few minutes, proving just how thirsty 100T fans were for any sort of brief look at the house.

The 25-year-old lived up to his promise a short while later, and broke the anticipation with a follow-up post.

“BREAKING NEWS! The first official photo of the new 100T house!” he tweeted, alongside a photograph of a gray floor tile. “This is the view from my toilet to my bathroom floor. If this doesn’t get you hyped, then I don’t know what will.”

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People seemed highly amused by the joke – as something like this isn’t out of the ordinary for the YouTube Gaming streamer – and replied to his post with messages of equal hilarity.

Even Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins weighed in, and stated that he’d taken back his like from the first tweet. “Just unfavorited and unliked your previous tweet,” he said. “I hate you.”

CouRage hilariously hit back with a reference to when the Fortnite star accidentally leaked that he would be joining 100 Thieves back in May 2019. “I’ll give you an actual exclusive first look, but you can’t leak it like you did with me joining 100T,” he joked.

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The esports org first moved into a house together in Los Angeles, California in early 2019, making it easier for the team to create content together under one roof.

A tour of their new den is expected to drop sometime in January, as well as the announcement of a new member, so stay tuned.

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