CouRage & Trainwrecks bless 80-year-old streamer with insane subathon donations

Jacob Hale
trainwrecks courage and wowgrandma78100 Thieves/Twitch: Trainwreckstv, WowGrandma78

A number of top streamers raided and donated thousands to a World of Warcraft streamer celebrating her 80th birthday by hosting an uncapped subathon on Twitch.

Subathons have become very popular for Twitch streamers, especially since Ludwig became one of the biggest names on the platform following his.

Breaking the mold and any stereotypes, though, 80-year-old WowGrandma78 made her birthday stream a subathon — but she can’t have imagined how crazy things would get.

With 55k followers, WowGrandma might have hoped for some support and birthday wishes, but then the huge streamers and insane donations started to pour in.

WowGrandma78 birthday subathon

One of the first big streamers to catch wind of the stream was YouTube’s Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who tweeted out in support of WowGrandma alongside a link to her stream.

One hour after tweeting out the link, CouRage revealed that WowGrandma received $20,000+ in donations, subs, and bits and “can afford the dentures she needs.”