CouRage shows off “ridiculous” new streaming setup worth $25k

Daniel Cleary
courage standing in front of streaming setup
CouRage, YouTube

YouTube star Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop has revealed a full behind-the-scenes look at his brand new $25,000 streaming setup in 100 Thieves’ Los Angeles content house.

Following his time commentating for the Call of Duty World League, CouRage quickly became one of the most popular streaming personalities and had a meteoric rise during Fortnite’s earlier seasons.

The streaming star has reached a number of milestones in recent months, such as buying his dream Lamborghini, and has now revealed a full look at his new $25,000 setup for content creation, during his latest upload on August 27.

courage standing in front of his neon logo
CouRage, YouTube
The YouTuber gave fans a full tour of his $25k streaming setup.

CouRage started the setup tour by revealing that he had “re-signed with 100 Thieves for over the next year” and was excited to continue his momentum with his new streaming room.

The YouTuber first signed with esports organization 100 Thieves back in May 2019, and revealed that they, along with CashApp, had renovated an entire room inside their Los-Angeles based content house as a celebration gift.

“It is the most ridiculous streaming setup that I’ve ever been in,” he admitted, before sharing the price and revealing the setup, “my brand new, state of the art, over $25,000 dollar investment into my streaming room.”

Setup tour starts at 1:01

“I’m still in the 100 Thieves house, I’m remaining here but we overhauled the room,” CouRage added, “my old setup was solid but laughable for where I’m at in my career, I should’ve invested in it earlier.”

The popular content creator first shared a look at the stream’s background, which featured a giant neon sign of his logo, his YouTube plaques, and even a small podcast setup, that he can transition to during his streams.

However, CouRage explained that “the biggest investment” was made into the streaming setup itself, panning to a shot of the dual PC setup with three 240hz monitors, 2 key lights, a Sony A7R camera, and a 50 inch 4K TV.

He followed up by highlighting all of the other peripherals and accessories around his new setup and finally revealed that his entire setup could be transformed into a standing desk, which will also help him to upgrade his overall stream quality.