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CouRage responds to Tfue’s “disgusting” Fortnite World Cup roast

Published: 6/Sep/2019 21:25 Updated: 6/Sep/2019 23:00

by Virginia Glaze


Turner Fortnite’s competitive scene, making a showing at the game’s World Cup in late July – but that didn’t stop him from bantering with some of the game’s top personalities.

Tfue uploaded a vlog of his Fortnite World Cup experience on September 6, taking viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey through the massive event – but there was more to his video than just the competition.

In a hilarious segment, Tfue used a bottle of orange juice as a microphone, interviewing fellow players while they waited for their chance to throw down.


However, Tfue wasn’t just speaking with competitive players, alone: he also interviewed caster and streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop – or, rather, a trashcan labeled “waste,” hilariously roasting the commentator in a fake “interview” that left fans rolling.

(Timestamp: 1:00 for mobile viewers)

As fate would have it, CouRage tuned into Tfue’s World Cup vlog during his Twitch stream that same day, inciting an incredulous reaction from the streamer.

“Are you kidding me?” CouRage yelled, giving his desk a solid whack before standing up and out of frame of his camera.

Of course, he took the trolling in good stride, clapping back with his own response in a Tweet shortly thereafter.

“Just watched your new VLOG,” CouRage wrote. “That ‘interview’ segment was heinous, disgusting, and demoralizing. You would NEVER say that shit to me at LAN, kid. You wish you were as jacked, good looking, and famous as me. Next time we see each other…it’s hands on sight. CouRage out.”

Tfue himself had a less verbose response to CouRage’s “rant,” simply writing, “I thought the interview went pretty well tbh.”

Interviews aside, Tfue’s World Cup placement came as a surprise to many, with the Fortnite pro landing in 67th place in spite of his stellar performance at previous LANs – but he claimed that the Cup would be his last competitive event, as he doesn’t “need the money anyway.”

Of course, Tfue still competes in in-game tournaments – and will probably continue to roast people, too.


Top 5 ways to use TikTok’s time warp scan filter trend

Published: 21/Oct/2020 12:48

by Alice Hearing


The time warp scan filter is mega-popular on TikTok right now with more than 2.1 million videos using the video effect.

The app’s biggest creators are experimenting with the weird ways the effect can warp your body, from Bella Poarch to Loren Gray. With a little bit of thinking outside the box, the filter can be used in all sorts of bizarre and wonderful ways. the filter works by freezing the image on the screen incrementally as a blue line moves down, or across the screen.

These are the best and most imaginative ways creators have used the time warp scan.

Turning yourself into a genie

This creator very carefully placed an open kettle in the foreground and stood on a stool holding the classic genie pose.

When the scan got to the right point, he lifted himself up using the door frame, kicked out the stool, and wiggled his legs to make it look like he was coming out of the kettle. Genie-us!

@cjdailydosewhat are your wishes ##timewarpscan ##genie ##fyp ##fu♬ School – 🌵🌻🥀

Making your hand really really long

Creators are hilariously using the filter to make their arms look very long and wiggly, and often in clever scenarios like picking up the remote from a faraway table. The tricky bit is trying to make it as smooth as possible, and follow the scanner at the right speed.

@jeremylynchIf only getting the tv remote was this easy… 😂 ##timewarpscan♬ Despicable Me (From “Despicable Me”) – Hot Contender

Saying hi to your evil twin

Simple but effective. Pose as you would normally for a picture in front of a mirror, when the scanner hits the right point, make your pose different in the mirror to make it look like you have a twin in a parallel universe.

@yungk2xs##TimeWarpScan♬ الصوت الأصلي – ((طيبة *الاحساس 😍))

Turning yourself into a severed head

These two girls managed to make it look like one of them didn’t have a body, with one holding her head between her hands, and the other running out of the shot before the scanner reached below her neck.

@maisiesampsonx##TimeWarpScan ##fyp##tiktok##viral##foryoupage♬ press the share button 3 times really fast – ebony (430k) ✞

Recreating the iconic Tim Burton character look

In the spirit of spooky season, creators are using the filter to look like iconic Tim Burton characters by pulling their eyes down to look droopy and sucking in their cheeks to look thin and malnourished. Phantomsigns made herself look almost exactly like the Corpse Bride.

@phantomsignsthanks for showing me how @spaghettandmeatball ##DialItForward ##timewarpscan ##timburton ##fyp♬ Ice Dance (From “Edward Scissorhands”) – Ashton Gleckman

If you’re inspired by these videos, why not challenge yourself to come up with a new way to use the time warp scan filter?