Couple’s “foul” dance at Taylor Swift concert leaves TikTok viewers in shock

Taylor Swift couple dancing at concertTikTok: Livymadethis/Vevo

Taylor Swift has embarked on the sought-after Eras Tour, and a couple’s “foul” dance moves during a recent show has left TikTok viewers in shock.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been a hit, with Swifties around the world crashing Ticketmaster in an attempt to secure tickets to the sought-after tour.

With tickets selling for thousands of dollars, fans have gone out of their way to make the concert memorable.

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For one couple, however, their “foul” dance moves during the Taylor Swift concert went viral on TikTok, leaving viewers in shock.

Couple’s dance at Taylor Swift concert shocked viewers

A video uploaded by TikToker Livymadethis shows a man and woman grinding on each other in the grandstands.

A few seconds later, it pans to the woman behind the camera laughing at the dance moves.

“Dropping it low at Tswift for free,” Livy said in the caption.

As the video began to go viral, shocked TikTok viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts.

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“The way I’d be so uncomfortable,” one user said.

Another viewer commented: “Lmao, I’m cackling. No one else is even acknowledging it.”

“I wasn’t even there, yet I’m so uncomfortable for the people beside them,” a third viewer replied.

However, many users saw no issue with the dance moves with one saying: “They just out here having fun, enjoying the music. All you Karens go to the back and stay there.”

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It’s not the first case of viral dance moves during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, as a security guard recently went viral showing off hers.

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