Couple go viral after using a toilet for their gender reveal

Couple go viral after using a toilet for their gender revealTIKTOK: jnene0484

A couple went viral on TikTok after using a toilet to reveal the gender of their baby to their loved ones, leaving viewers divided.

Jose Teixeira and his wife, Ana Marcela, wanted to reveal their unborn baby’s gender, but didn’t want to use fireworks or balloons like everyone else. Instead, they decided to use a toilet.

“The normal thing is to do firecrackers, kick a ball, release smoke, right?” Jose told local media, according to CEN. “But my wife Ana Marcela and I wanted something different, so as not to imitate others.”

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In their TikTok clip, which has amassed 1.7 million views, Jose and Ana were seen hovering their finger over the flush handle of the toilet.

The toilet was decorated with pink and blue balloons and cartoons, along with a baby boy, a baby girl and a pink question mark.

The couple then flushed the toilet, which was flooded with blue-colored water, indicating that the couple will be welcoming a baby boy.

In the comment section, TikTok users had mixed reactions, with some hating the idea of using a toilet for a gender reveal.

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“A tip for those who want to make gender reveals like these: STOP please,” one user wrote.

“This can’t be real,” another added, along with a flushed face emoji. “Just when I thought I’d seen it all lol,” a third commented.

Most users, however, left positive replies to the happy reveal.

“I thought the idea was really cool,” one shared. “I finally found a good reveal. It’s much more practical and economical,” another user said.

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“Their happiness in the video is contagious,” a third wrote.

This is far from the first gender reveal to pop off on TikTok. Last month, a woman went viral after throwing a gender reveal party for her color-blind boyfriend.

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