Couple face backlash for explosive “forest fire” gender reveal

Couple face backlash for explosive “forest fire” gender revealTIKTOK: blancarore33

A couple has been slammed on TikTok after sharing their explosive gender reveal party, which featured sparks flying into the air near several trees.

In a viral TikTok with 21.5 million views, a family was seen standing in front of a massive sign that read “oh baby” which was decorated with pink and blue balloons.

After a few seconds, explosions around the sign went off, accompanied by a blast of pink smoke and confetti cascading into the air to announce that the baby will be a girl.

The couple was overcome with happiness, seen leaping for joy at the prospect of their new addition to the family.

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However, some viewers were not thrilled with their gender reveal activity, especially since it could have caused a forest fire.

Couple slammed for explosive gender reveal party

Many TikTok users were quick to condemn the couple for igniting fireworks in close proximity to trees.

“This could have been gone wrong in so many levels,” one user wrote. “All those sparks next to the trees. Genius,” another commented.

“Ahh yes another forest fire. Congrats on the baby though,” a third added. “Right underneath the very nonflammable eucalyptus trees,” someone else pointed out.

Still, others seemed to love the couple’s gender reveal, and thought it was “beautiful.”

“I don’t want a gender reveal because it’s so unnecessary but this absolutely could work,” one said.

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“That’s the coolest reveal ever I want it,” another wrote. “This is beautiful! I’m glad nothing bad happened,” a third added.

Gender reveal videos have become increasingly popular on TikTok, as expectant parents embrace different methods to provide an exciting experience for their guests and followers. 

Last week, a couple left viewers divided after they used a toilet to reveal the gender of their unborn baby, because they wanted “something different.”