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Could Sykkuno join G2 Esports? Carlos hits up the rising Twitch star

Published: 30/Dec/2020 20:53

by Alan Bernal


G2 Esports founder Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez could be courting rising Twitch star Sykkuno to join the club, surprising fans for both parties who are encouraging the unexpected partnership.

The streaming world has been getting used to seeing the soft-spoken Sykkuno around the different channels for some of the biggest content creators across YouTube, Twitch, and more. He’s been having a meteoric 2020, and might cap off the year with a major signing.

By all accounts, Sykkuno is already knocking on stardom as far as Twitch is concerned. He’s the number one most watched Among Us streamer, the 12th most watched English channel, and in the top 20 of most watched channels overall, according to Twitch Metrics.


A gem on Twitch to be sure. And if anyone’s familiar with ocelote’s M.O., if there’s a prize to be had, then the G2 Army will be knocking.

On December 30, the G2 founder publicly tweeted at the streamer, simply saying ‘hey.’ The official G2 Esports account followed suit shortly after with the same message.

Although that’s not much to go on at all, those are the cheeky nods that we’ve seen from Carlos before and it was more than enough to set the entire thread on fire for what could be in the works.


There’s a fair amount of hype, too. Carlos has famously been an outspoken exec since retiring from LoL professional play, boasting on his Twitter that his team “founded the most outstanding, absolutely f**king legendary esports organization.”

sykkuno pokimane
Sykkuno Twitch
Sykkuno has been streaming with big Twitch stars over 2020, so it’s time to be one of those stars himself.

Sykkuno on the other hand, isn’t anywhere near that level of being vocal, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready for what the G2 spotlight could bring.

His close circle of friends are already part of bigger collectives. Valkyrae has been a star for 100 Thieves and won some hardware for Creator of the Year at the Game Awards; he has a strong bond with LilyPichu, Michael Reeves, Pokimane, and the rest of the OfflineTV gang; and has been the perfect opposite to mysterious figure and YouTube standout Corpse during Among Us streams.


The G2 Army houses some of the best talent across the esports and entertainment landscapes, and it could be time to enlist Sykkuno to their ranks.