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Entertainment • Apr 01, 2019

Cosplayer Jessica Nigri announces "Booty Gas" Patreon reward for April Fools' Day

Cosplayer Jessica Nigri announces "Booty Gas" Patreon reward for April Fools' Day
Jessica Nigri Instagram / Epic Games

Popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri got into the festive spirit by advertising a new reward for top tier Patreon subscribers called “Booty Gas” which is strangely in high demand.


Jessica Nigri's fame

Nigri has soared to stardom in the cosplaying scene for her expertly crafted risque takes of popular characters/figures from across the gaming and nerd spheres. While her career has garnered a lot of success, it’s also attracted uniquely enthusiastic supporters with equally unique taste in merch.

In an April 1 tweet, Nigri announced her Patreon would be selling Booty Gas for a refreshing $1000 as a joke, while appending an image proving that some in her community wouldn’t mind the real thing.


Jessica Nigri Instagram
Fans are familiar with the cosplayer's amazing renditions of characters as well as her famous humor.

Popular demand for Booty Gas

As one of the more well-known cosplayers, Nigri’s fans have become enamored with everything about her including some of the more intimate aspects of her life.

“DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND Due to popular demand,” Nigri announced. “I am so excited to announce that I'll be adding a new top tier on my Patreon where I will send you your choice of BOOTY GAS in either a glass jar or plastic baggy! ONLY $1,000 PER HIT OF THE GOOD SHIT.”

The tweet came with a compilation of numerous screencaps from fans who told Nigri they would “pay $1000 to fart in [their] face,” or requests similar in nature.

Jessica Nigri Instagram
Fans can always expect high quality cosplay from Nigri, but it seems like other fans have different requests.

As expected, the tweet was met with responses ranging from sarcastic banter to hilarious retorts, but mostly everyone was in sheer disbelief that the cosplayer had been receiving those kinds of requests at all.

“This... is a kink I guess,” one commenter asked. “A kink I didn’t need to know it existed.... Where’s the bleach.”

Nigri’s tweet had caught many people’s attention when posted, but shortly after she had sad news for any hopeful fan on getting their face in on the new reward.


April Fool's Bamboozle

Though her latest Patreon reward was only made in the spirit of April Fool’s, Nigri noted the multiple requests from her audience weren’t as fake, saying: “[Booty Gas] is a joke, these dm’s are not lmfao”

The prank was in good humor for the many special requests she had received, but it seems like the April Fool’s joke may have disappointed some in her community hoping for the item.

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