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Entertainment • Jun 21, 2019

Cosplay star Belle Delphine baits her followers with troll Pornhub account

Cosplay star Belle Delphine baits her followers with troll Pornhub account
Belle Delphine - Instagram

Popular cosplayer and social media star Belle Kirschner, better known as Belle Delphine, had her fan-base thinking she was going to put out pornographic content before revealing it to be just one big troll.


Thanks to her variety of revealing cosplays and NSFW images, Belle Delphine's Instagram page has amassed quite a massive following over the years, currently sitting at over 3.6 million followers. 

On Sunday, June 16, she put out a post promising her fans that she would start a page on the popular porn website Pornhub if they met a certain number of likes. 


"If this photo gets one million likes, I'll actually make a Pornhub account," she wrote. "The time has officially come. Tag your friends/dad to help out."

As with a lot of her other posts, this image depicted her not wearing much of anything, which certainly helped push the idea that she was genuinely interested in making an account. 


As expected, the post ended up hitting the likes requirement, surpassing over 1.86 million likes as of Friday, June 21.

Just as she promised, the cosplay star went on to make an account on Pornhub as soon as the post went over a million likes.

Not only that, but the account was quickly stacked with a dozen videos, each with a NSFW thumbnail and title that you would normally find when visiting the porn website.

Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine's Pornhub page was full of thumbnails and titles you'd normally find on the page.

However, as it quickly became apparent, the content she put out on her new page was nothing but a bunch of bait, as none of the videos actually contained and pornographic content and instead proved to be trolls.

Despite the video titles being what would commonly be found on the website, they all turned out to be a play on words, as the clips actually depicted her doing a non-sexual act that was still related to what the title had promised.

A perfect example of this can be found in the video "PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine," which really is just her eating a photo of the superstar Swedish YouTuber while wearing cat ears. 

Belle Delphine
One of Belle Delphine's fake porn videos showed he simply eating a picture of PewDiePie.

While many of her more enthusiastic fans were predictably upset by getting their hopes and dreams taken away before their very eyes, many on social media actually found the whole thing hilarious, complimenting Belle Delphine on her expertly pulled off troll.

Those who were looking forward to examining her Pornhub page will have no choice but to suffice with her Instagram or the time being.