Corpse Husband tells VTuber Ironmouse why he doesn’t have a manager

Corpse Husband reveals to ironmouse why he has no managerCorpse Husband / YouTube: Ironmouse

YouTuber and music artist Corpse Husband was in a stream with VTuber Ironmouse when he revealed the surprising reason he doesn’t put his management in his social media bios.

Corpse Husband is a veritable internet sensation. After getting his start narrating horror stories on YouTube, his popularity skyrocketed with the Among Us boom of 2020.

Since then, Corpse has become a massive star, racking up over 7 million YouTube subscribers due to his hilarious interactions with other influencers alongside his budding musical career.

Corpse’s music has become a huge part of his image and even earned him a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly. Pair that with his recent gig voice acting in an anime, and it seems like things are only looking up for one of the internet’s most mysterious personalities.

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Corpse-Husband-Tribe-Nine-Corpse Husband/Too Kyo Games
Corpse Husband notably scored a role acting in Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime in February 2022.

Although it would seem that Corpse’s online fame would have earned him a solid team of managers, this couldn’t be further from the case.

During a broadcast with star VTuber Ironmouse, Corpse opened up as to why his management’s contacts aren’t publicly available — because there are none.

According to Corpse, a slew of people have pretended to be his manager over the years, even though he’s never had one throughout his career as an internet entertainer, musician, and voice actor.

Corspe Husband logo on red backgroundYouTube: Vibez Check
Corpse Husband is a “faceless YouTuber,” meaning that he does not show his face in his content.

Corpse Husband says people pretend to be his manager

“People always claim that they’re managing me,” he revealed. “People that I’ve never heard of. That’s why I have no management in my bio on everything, because like so many people have pretended to manage me.”

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“I’ve never had anything,” he added when asked if he had a manager at all, drawing some shock from the other broadcasters in the stream.

That being said, Corpse seems to be doing quite well for himself despite this fact, claiming that has several projects in the works alongside his recent anime voice acting debut.