Corpse Husband tells viewers to “please stop” huge donations on stream

Daniel Cleary
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Corpse Husband

Rising YouTube star Corpse Husband has revealed why he wants viewers to stop donating large amounts of money to him during his stream.

Corpse Husband has exploded in popularity in recent weeks, becoming one of the fastest-growing content creators, thanks to Among Us and from collaborating with the likes of PewDiePie, AOC, Valkyrae, and more on his channel.

However, although he has just started to see new levels of success, the YouTuber revealed that he does not want viewers to donate a lot of money to him while he is broadcasting.

corpse husband with face covered
YouTube: Anthony Padilla
Corpse Husband has become one of the fastest-growing YouTubers from Among Us and his music releases.

It was recently announced that Pokimane had worked with StreamLabs to set up a custom donation amount, which would prevent her viewers from donating her any more than $5 at one time.

Since then many streamers have been considering adding something similar to their channels, with the likes of PewDiePie and Tyler1 also interested in adding a donation cap.

While Corpse Husband has not been one of the biggest creators for very long, during one of his latest broadcasts he told his viewers to stop donating him ridiculous amounts as well.

“You don’t need to do that, you can do that without giving me a f*** ton of money too.” Corpse explained, after one viewer donated him 200$ during his stream.

“Please stop,” he continued, thanking his fans for their generosity, “everything’s fine, it’s okay like I really really appreciate it but like please don’t do that.”

While it is unclear whether Corpse will add a donation cap of his own, the YouTuber has been known for his acts of kindness, such as recently donating $10,000 from a Mr Beast challenge to charity.

Corpse recently opened up on the rapid level of his growth he has seen in recent months and how it has had an effect on him, also sharing why he is hesitant to do a face reveal on his channel.