Corpse Husband teases voice acting role for mysterious project

Georgina Smith
Corpse Husband avatar holding an umbrella
Twitter: CORPSE

Popular streamer Corpse Husband has hinted that he’s been doing some voice acting via an update on Twitter, and fans are wondering what the project could possibly be.

Corpse Husband has become one of the internet’s biggest successes over the past year or so, going from being a horror narration YouTuber to scoring a career as a hugely popular streamer with a loyal fan base of millions.

The star has not only made his mark in the streaming world, but has also embarked on several other endeavors – most notably his music career. Collaborating with artists like Machine Gun Kully, he’s managed to achieve a significant degree of success in the music industry.

While it’s definitely not his only merit, Corpse is also well-known for his remarkably deep voice, which has made his music even more unique and loved by fans.

Corpse Husband Merch restock
Corpse Husband
Corpse’s track “EGIRLS RUINED MY LIFE” hit 150,000,000 plays on Spotify.

Although many have thrown around the idea of Corpse Husband doing some voice acting in the past, it seems as though this dream could actually become a reality, as the creator revealed he’s been working on a voice-acting project.

In a June 10 fan update, Corpse explained via a Twitter voice note that he plans to release a Lo-Fi loop, though said that he “doesn’t want it to be hyped as a massive release,” as it’s just a “small part of how [he’s] been feeling.”

The streamer then gave fans an update on his wildly popular merch, and what he’s been working on behind the scenes.

“I plan on doing a lot of exclusive drops in the future,” he said. “I’m currently designing and working on all different kinds of clothing that I think you’ll all really like. I’ve also been voice acting for some… thing.”

Fans were, of course, excited to hear that Corpse has been doing something voice-acting related, and although the details are currently very minimal, his supporters are already looking forward to more information in the future.