Corpse Husband teases new songs after success of “Poltergeist” release

corpse husband poltergiestCorpse Husband YouTube / Sherbies

Popular YouTuber Corpse Husband responded to waves of support for his new song “Poltergeist” while teasing what fans could hear in upcoming tracks.

After nearly a year of teasing his latest single, the mysterious content creator has finally shown fans what he’s been working on all this time.

“Poltergeist” is Corpse’s 11th track on Spotify and it immediately skyrocketed to over one million hits just a day after coming out. Needless to say, fans of the elusive artist were dying to hear about his next project.

Corpse Husband celebrates Poltergeist release

After seeing the massive amount of attention the track got in its first 24-hours, Corpse thanked his audience for yet another stellar turnout despite the long wait.

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“Thank you all for the incredible release day. I f***ing love the energy and creativeness y’all bring when it comes to this kind of stuff,” he said. “It makes everything feel so fun and memorable.

“For the kind of song ‘Poltergeist’ is, you know, Cabin Fever/Never Satisfied-esque, for it to be doing what it’s doing is absolutely insane, to say the least.”

“Poltergeist” is a collaboration between Corpse and longtime friend OmenXIII. Though it was a launch many expected, the YouTuber was still shocked to see how much attention it had garnered.

The artist hinted how cathartic the making-of for his latest single was during the process and even made mention of more music soon.

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“Got a ton of other stuff on the way, but it felt wrong starting with anything other than this one. Plus I had a lot of shit I had to get off my chest when I wrote it,” Corpse said.

“I learned a lot from this one, with the pre-saves and shit too. I have some really fun ideas for the ones in the near future.”

Aside from secretly dropping “FuK u lol,” Corpse could be preparing for more music releases in the near future to build off his recent success.