Corpse Husband sends fans into frenzy with cryptic Twitter video

Corpse HusbandTwitter: CORPSE

Faceless YouTube icon Corpse Husband is known for being a hard man to get to the bottom of, but he’s released a Twitter video that has sent fans into an excited spiral.

When it comes to Corpse Husband, it’s good practice to expect the unexpected. The anonymous YouTube sensation has built his career on mystery and has a habit of dropping shock releases that stun fans everywhere.

While he recently admitted that his YouTube content would be slowing down for numerous reasons, on April 28 he dropped a particularly cryptic video on Twitter.

And, as you can imagine, fans are all over it.

Corpse HusbandCorpse Husband
The faceless YouTube star is renowned for surprising his fans.

Corpse’s video tweet

In a recent tweet from his dedicated music account (stylized CORPSE,) the YouTuber dropped a pretty dark and dreary video that has fans totally baffled.

Accompanied by rolling thunder and the noise of pounding rain, Corpse’s iconic anime persona is standing on what appears to be the edge of a cliff. As he moves onto his tiptoes and stretches out his arms, black and white text dominates the screen and asks “is this even real?”

The video ends with a zoom in of his animated side profile before abruptly cutting off.

Fans react

While the fact that this teaser was posted on CORPSE likely implies that a new tune is headed our way, fans are going crazy trying to decipher what it is. This has been made even worse by his response from his YouTube Twitter, which simply says “:).”

Rumors are swirling around a possible new album, as guest artist on the iconic track “E-Girls are Ruining My Life,” Savage Ga$p, commented “ima need the album.”

Even Twitch streamer Emma Langevin has dropped a comment asking “bestie what the f**k is this?”

While everything is just speculation, it’ll be exciting to see what Corpse’s new content looks like. Considering he’s slowing down his YouTube and streaming endeavours to work on it, it’s bound to be something good.