Corpse Husband reveals just how scared he is of fans trying to find him in real life

Corpse Husband reveals fear of being discovered on streamTwitter: CORPSE

Corpse Husband is a hugely popular YouTuber and music artist, in part because he refuses to show his face — but that doesn’t stop him from worrying his true identity will get revealed by overzealous fans, anyway.

Corpse Husband skyrocketed to internet fame in late 2020 amid the Among Us craze. Initially a horror narrator, Corpse became best-known for his humorous collaborations with other stars in the whodunnit game, and has even built a successful music career in the meantime.

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However, part of Corpse’s allure to fans is the fact that no one knows what he looks like. His exceedingly deep voice and extremely private nature have made viewers intensely curious to see his real face, prompting several fan-made avatars portraying a caricature of him.

While his fanbase is largely supportive of his privacy, that hasn’t stopped them from breaking the internet every time he shows his hands… and Corpse worries that some day, someone will take things too far.

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Corspe Husband face on a pink screenCorpse Husband
Corpse Husband is one of the internet’s most popular “faceless” content creators – but keeping his identity private has made him fearful that someone will expose his real identity.

During a recent broadcast with fellow streamer and friend Valkyrae, Corpse opened up about the very real fear he has regarding this possibility — and while the two joked around about the issue, it’s clear that it’s a point of concern for him.

“That scares me, like what if someone yells my name in real life from outside my window, or like someone walks by and yells their address and what if my doorbell rings?” Corpse said.

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“You don’t want your chat to hear the doorbell,” Valkyrae confirmed.

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“If someone’s gonna go through every house and ring every doorbell and wait until they hear mine on stream ever. It’s a rational fear. Come on, Valkyrae! Thank you for validating my fear, Valkyrae.”

“It’s very possible,” she conceded. “That’s good yeah, don’t let them hear the doorbell, because if one person does it, they all will!”

This isn’t the first time Corpse has opened up about this fear; in fact, Valkyrae revealed how serious his fear of people is in a previous broadcast, claiming that he can’t even answer phone calls for doctors’ appointments for fear that they might “leak his address or expose him.”

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Luckily, it seems that Corpse’s fanbase is extremely sympathetic to his anxieties, providing some modicum of comfort in a world where social media stars get stalked and doxxed on an all-too regular basis.

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