Corpse Husband pops off on Twitch viewer for calling his friend “annoying”

YouTube: Corpse Husband, ironmouse

Internet star and music artist ‘Corpse Husband’ went off on a Twitch commenter during a recent broadcast with friends after the viewer claimed one of his buddies was “annoying.”

Corpse Husband is a hugely popular influencer with millions of followers across multiple social media platforms. Best known for his deep voice, Corpse has garnered a massive fanbase in large part due to the mystery surrounding his physical appearance, as he refuses to show his face on stream.

That’s far from the only reason his fans love him, though; Corpse is also an accomplished music artist, earning millions of streams for his original songs, as well as an entertaining broadcaster who gets into all sorts of virtual shenanigans with his friend group.

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It was during one of these broadcasts when he and his buddies started up a game of Friday the 13th. He was co-streaming with several other entertainers, including fellow streamer ‘ironmouse’ — a Virtual YouTuber who is also known for their voice.

ironmouse vtuber streamYouTube: ironmouse
ironmouse is a Puerto Rican VTuber who has garnered a fairly sizeable audience for her humorous content, singing, and high-pitched voice.

In sharp contrast to Corpse Husband, though, ironmouse’s voice is supremely high-pitched, not unlike that of LilyPichu (who recently scored a voice acting role as Sayu in Genshin Impact).

It seems that one viewer in Corpse Husband’s Twitch chat wasn’t exactly jazzed about ironmouse taking part in the stream, as they made a fairly pointed comment claiming that their voice was “so annoying.”

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Corpse Husband makes perfect Twitch psycho killer with deep voice.Instagram: @pineapple_san
Corpse Husband is a “faceless YouTuber” – meaning he is an influencer who doesn’t show his face, instead relying on fan drawings to represent him.

Corpse Husband was having none of it. After reading the comment, he instantly popped off on the viewer, admonishing their attitude regarding one of his friends.

“Hey, whoever said that about ironmouse, shut the f**k up,” he said. “I don’t ever want to see that s**t again. F**k you.”

After the fact, commenters seemed fairly pleased at Corpse’s stance on the matter and congratulated him for sticking up for his friends and setting a precedent that no toxicity would be tolerated in his chat.

Corpse does seem to harbor a staunch attitude of positivity within his community, and it looks like he’s not giving up this stance, no matter what.

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