Corpse Husband complains about random content getting on his Spotify page

Bill Cooney
Corpse Husband/YouTube

Corpse Husband’s musical talent is a big part of why he’s such a renowned star these days, but the influencer doesn’t seem too thrilled with the way Spotify is handling his catalog.

Nowadays, if you really want to make it on the internet, just being a star streamer or social media influencer on it’s own won’t cut it. You’ll also need a side gig, like boxing — or in Corpse’s case, a musical career.

The mysterious, baritone-voiced streamer has found plenty of success with his music on Spotify, but like other influencers who have put their material on the streaming service, he’s not too happy with how the site handles his page.

Out of nowhere on May 11, Corpse tweeted out his frustrations with Spotify from his alternate Twitter account, before deleting the pair of posts a couple hours later.

“99% of the time I @ a music distribution service, it’s because some trash artist off using their service abused it to get their music on my page,” Corpse wrote. “In this case I saw it coming a week early, warned spotify, they reassured me it was taken off 100% and it still ended up there lmao.”

The problem seems to have been taken care of, because at the time of writing Corpse got rid of both tweets regarding Spotify, and his page on the site shows no signs of imposters or fake content. Still, the fact that the influencer felt the need to tweet about it in the first place probably gives us a good idea of his feelings.

“Anyone can upload anything onto any independent artists spotify, and there’s no defense against it,” he added. “Isn’t that f***ing ridiculous?”

Corpse isn’t the only content creator to clash with how Spotify handles their content. Roughly a month before these tweets, Addison Rae’s Spotify was also targeted by a user who managed to post a questionable track to her page that was all about flatulence.

Luckily, this problem seems to have been taken care of quickly for the streamer; but as more and more creators post content on Spotify, it could be one we see happen more and more often unless the site decides to make a change.