Corpse Husband clears up Misa Misa lyrics after fans get them hilariously wrong

Corpse Husband clarifies Misa Misa lyrics after hilarious mixupYouTube: Anthony Padilla / Snitchery

Music artist and influencer Corpse Husband took to Twitter to clear up some confusion around the lyrics to his latest song, ‘Misa Misa,’ after fans had gotten them hilariously mixed up.

Corpse Husband dropped his latest song ‘Misa Misa’ on August 25, a clear reference to Misa Amane from the iconic anime Death Note.

While this isn’t the first time Corpse has referenced anime in his music, this is the first time someone has gotten his lyrics seriously wrong to the point that he’s had to make a public statement about it.

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Ever since the song was released, fans have been a bit confused about a certain verse in the song… so much so that they reached out to the creator on Twitter.

Specifically, there’s a part of the song that IG Music had apparently bleeped out with asterisks, causing some listeners to mistake the word ‘catgirls’ for ‘crackers’ — a term that’s been banned by Twitch.

The confusing lyrics come from rapper ScarlXD, who features on the song. The real lyrics are: “I’m a dog but Corpse go these catgirls f**king with me,” but IG music had it listed as: “I’m a double cup, just got these crackers f**king with me.”

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corpse clarifies misa misa lyrics 1Twitter: CORPSE

Corpse Husband explains Misa Misa lyrics

However, according to Corpse, he’d released the full lyrics correctly “from the jump” and was convinced someone was doing him dirty for the laughs.

“Nah, whoever at IG music does the f**king lyrics — foul,” Corpse said in an Instagram stories video. “Disrespectful. Take a f**king lap.”

“It’s one thing to get it wrong, but to change ‘I’m a dog but Corpse go these catgirls f**king with me,’ to ‘I’m a double cup, just got these crackers f**king with me’ is FOULLLL!” he wrote in a series of deleted tweets.

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Corpse husband clarifies misa misa lyrics 2Twitter: CORPSE

“Y’all got an inside man or what?” he asked.

corpse husband clears up misa misa lyrics 3Twitter: CORPSE

It’s clear that Corpse is taking the hilarious situation for what it is — a hilarious mistake, one that fans aren’t letting him live down after a mix-up that random and humorous.

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