Corpse Husband breaks Twitter with a sound loop of him breathing

Corpse Husband BreathingCorpse Husband

It doesn’t take much to break the internet when Corpse Husband is involved, and that’s been proven after he posted a sound loop of him breathing and fans went wild.

Corpse Husband’s popularity has skyrocketed to rock star status in the past year. Fans can’t get enough of his content and uniquely deep voice, which is partially caused by a combination of illnesses.

Sadly, his conditions are difficult to manage, and they’ve made him think about quitting streaming. The good news, however, is that he’s confident it won’t be anytime soon. 

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He’s come a long way from reading creepy stories on YouTube. Now, he’s a full-blown streamer, and his popularity keeps on rising. It doesn’t take him much to set the internet on fire, and nothing demonstrates that better than his latest post on Twitter.

Corpse Husband image in front of Among Us backgroundYouTube: Corpse Husband / InnerSloth
His face is still a mystery, but Corpse Husband is one of the biggest streamers and YouTubers in the world.

It all started when Corpse Husband posted an odd clip of himself breathing. It only lasts for three seconds, but it automatically loops infinitely.

He didn’t say or write anything to go along with it, and nothing else happens. It’s a plain old sound loop. But for whatever reason, it’s popping off on social media. It already has hundreds of thousands of likes, and has been retweeted almost 40,000 times.

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Almost every person and their dog has left a comment. The list includes other streamers like Valkyrae and Karl Jacobs, as well as thousands of fans. However, the funniest comment, which sums up the insanity of the tweet, belongs to a fan named Afrin.

“Corpse breathing isn’t just a sound,” she said. “It’s a cultural reset. Its a lifestyle. A reason for us to breathe. An escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. It’s art. The first gift you open on Christmas. A hug from a loved one. Everything you’ve ever wanted.”

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Some people were left scratching their heads. However, most people embraced the moment in all it’s glory, and even tried to interpret what it meant. Others felt like it meant nothing at all.

Either way, it goes to show how popular Corpse Husband really is. Something as simple as a sound loop of his breath has the potential to break the internet. If that isn’t a strong sign of stardom, who knows what is.

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