Corpse Husband drops animated horror story and fans are obsessed

Corpse Husband animated face on a blue backgroundCorpse Husband

Streamer and YouTuber Corpse Husband has surprised fans by dropping a new animated horror story video on his channel, which he narrated himself.

Corpse Husband is a YouTuber with over 7 million subscribers on his main channel alone, and a hugely loyal following across social media.

He blew up big-time in 2020 amid the hype for party game Among Us. As he broke onto the streaming scene, his popularity grew exponentially, even going on to launch a successful music career.

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But the faceless YouTuber has been making content since way before 2020. Originally, he was best known for narrating horror stories on his channel, and was recognized for his distinctively deep voice.

Corpse Husband goes back to his roots with animated horror video

Fans both new and old were thrilled on November 18 when the content creator announced that he had dropped a surprise new video on his second channel, Corpse 2, which is a fully animated horror story that features his voice as the narration.

The video was animated by Axeman, and is titled, “The Strangest 911 Call I’ve Ever Received,” with Corpse narrating the original story by Reddit user Mr_Outlaw_.

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In the description, Corpse described the video as a “late Halloween present,” and revealed that it is a “multiple year long project” that was “narrated years ago.”

Fans were of course delighted with the project, and were excited to see that the YouTuber had returned to his horror roots.

“The nostalgic feeling this video brought back is insane,” one commenter wrote.

Another begged: “Please, please, please, please bring these back.”

It’s currently not clear whether Corpse plans on making more of this kind of content, animated or otherwise, but it’s clear that there’s high demand from fans who loved seeing him go back to his roots in horror narration.

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