Corinna Kopf Twitch viewership booms after switch to IRL streams

corinna kopf twitch stream with blurred chat and twitch logo in cornerTwitch: CorinnaKopf

Corinna Kopf moved from Facebook Gaming to Twitch in March 2022 and immediately started to see more viewership — but now she’s switched to IRL streams and is absolutely booming.

In recent years, Corinna Kopf has done a variety of content that predominantly revolved around Fortnite, often streaming the popular battle royale on Facebook.

Doing IRL (In Real Life) streams in the ‘Just Chatting’ category has proven to be a huge success for many streamers on Twitch, and Corinna is benefitting from it now too.

Since moving to Twitch, though, she’s started to utilize the Just Chatting category a lot more, and the viewership numbers speak for themselves.

Corinna Kopf instagram postInstagram: corinnakopf
Corinna has been streaming for years, but has started finding more success on Twitch.

Corinna Kopf IRL stream viewership

Throughout her thus-far short tenure back on Twitch, Corinna has mixed in Just Chatting streams with her regular Fortnite content, as well as some Slots streaming.

After she stopped mixing in her Fortnite gameplay on April 3, though, Corinna has only blown up in terms of viewership numbers.

During her April 3 stream, she averaged 4,388 viewers, and she’s not gone below that since. By contrast, in her April 17 stream which was all Just Chatting, she averaged 13,607 viewers — over three times higher. You can see the insane impact in the graph below from SullyGnome.

Corinna Kopf Twitch viewership April 2022SullyGnome
Corinna’s Just Chatting streams (red) are far exceeding Fortnite (purple) and Slots (green).

Corinna is also seeing her following fly up after switching to IRL streams, saying that they have been “unreal,” and she’s clearly thriving with her new content path.

While Kopf isn’t quite hitting the same levels as the most-watched Twitch streamers right now, there’s no denying that she’s on the way up, and could soon be fighting for viewership with the top names on the platform.