Corinna Kopf reveals which famous streamers & YouTubers’ DMs she’s slid into

Corinna Kopf on ImpaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive

Popular influencer Corinna Kopf explained on the Impaulsive podcast which two internet personalities DMs she’s slid into on Twitter.

25-year-old Corinna Kopf is a hugely popular figure on the internet, both on Instagram, YouTube, and beyond.

The star even revealed previously that she managed to make a little over a million dollars in just 48 hours on OnlyFans, just going to show how popular she is online.

With how prominent Corinna is, many of her fans and viewers are naturally curious about her dating life. On the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul, the influencer revealed which two peoples’ DMs she has slid into on Twitter – and her answer may not come as a surprise to many.

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Corinna Kopf poses for an instagram photoInstagram: CorinnaKopf
Corinna has over 5 million followers on Instagram

When speaking about her and Logan’s “history,” after they first met three years ago, Logan revealed that Corinna actually “slid into [his] DMs,” joking that she’s a “weirdo.”

“I know, that is weird,” she responded, adding, “I’ve actually slid into two guys Twitter DMs, you’re not the only one. I slid into Turner’s too.”

By Turner, it’s assumed that Corinna’s talking about streamer Turner  ‘Tfue’ Tenney, who the star appeared to be romantically involved with back in 2019.

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Corinna explained that she originally messaged Logan after he mispronounced her name on his podcast, and that she was messaging her friend asking what she should say to the YouTuber.

Logan added that prior to that, their only interaction had been Corinna condemning him for his ‘suicide forest’ controversy in Japan – however, she noted that when they eventually met up, they spoke about it for four hours.

She said after their conversation, she thought: “This guy’s great, I love him, I forgive him for everything.” The pair agreed that they’ve had a “great relationship” since then.

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Their friendship certainly has an interesting origin story, and many viewers seemed to enjoy the insight into how they got to know each other off-screen.