Corinna Kopf reveals she spent thousands on surgery for 6 month old cat

Virginia Glaze
Corinna Kopf spends 8 thousand dollars on cat surgeriesInstagram: corinnakopf

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans star Corinna Kopf revealed that she spent over $8,000 on surgery for an 6-month-old cat after the feline got into a spot of trouble.

It’s safe to say that Corinna Kopf is making the big bucks thanks to her wildly successful career as an online entertainer.

When she’s not streaming on Twitch, she’s uploading Instagram photos for her 6.8 million followers — and when she’s not doing that, she’s raking in millions of dollars a month on Only Fans.

She’s flexed her earnings on social media before, usually in the form of lavish trips, pricey luxury cars, and designer clothes… but her latest big splurge was for something totally unexpected.

In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Corinna showed off a photo of an adorable brown tabby cat with the caption: “Girly got surgery.”

corinna kopf cat surgery instagram storyInstagram: corinnakopf

Corinna Kopf spends over $8,000 for cat surgeries

Fans were understandably confused and reached out to the influencer for more deets. That’s when Corinna revealed the entire saga behind the adorable cat pics, explaining that the outdoor cat, named Storm, had somehow become injured.

That’s not all; Kopf also says she spent over $8,000 on surgeries for the poor feline after she allegedly broke her pelvis and leg.

“She’s an outdoor cat, so I’ll never know what happened,” Kopf explained. “But she broke her pelvis and leg — [this is her] second surgery and she’s only six months.”

“I’ve spent over $8,000 on this cat,” she continued. “I love her, lol.”

corinna kopf cat storm surgeryInstagram: corinnakopf

Corinna is certainly an animal lover; the internet star also has a passion for horses and has been riding “her whole life,” on top of owning a terrier-maltese mix named ‘Carl,’ which she adopted in 2018.

It’s clear that she’s taking the health of her kitty Storm very seriously as fans wish the injured feline well. We’ll have to add Storm to our list of best streamer cats, which you can read here.