Corinna Kopf reveals jaw-dropping amount of Twitch subs gifted in 2022

Corinna Kopf poses for an instagram photoInstagram: CorinnaKopf

Social Media Influencer and streamer Corinna Kopf has revealed the jaw-dropping amount of Twitch subs she gifted throughout 2022.

It’s finally December, which means Twitch has released its yearly recap which shows users a variety of stats — Including how many subs you gifted throughout the year.

As soon as it became available, Twitch fans around the world began sharing their recap including Trainwreck, who revealed he gifted a staggering 24,346 subs throughout 2022.

Now Corinna Kopf has done the same, revealing the jaw-dropping amount of subs she gifted to fans in a recent Instagram story.

Corinna Kopf reveals amount of subs gifted in 2022

In an Instagram Story on December 14, Corinna shared the jaw-dropping amount of subs she gifted in Twitch in 2022.

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“Gifted Subs, 31k,” it read. “You spread the love and helped communities grow by gifting 30,966 subs.”

While it’s likely that she gifted a mixture of tier one, two, and three subs, she still managed to spend an absolutely absurd amount of money on gifted subs.

Corinna Kopf Instagram Story showing she gifted over 30k subsInstagram: CorinnaKopf

At $4.99 a piece, 30,966 Tier one subscriptions come to a grand total of $154,830. Add in any tier two or three subs, and her total goes even higher.

However, with Twitch denying creators access to a 70/30 sub-revenue split, the amount that the streamers she gifted to drops in half, to $77,415.

That said, it’s still a rather large sum of money that Corinna spent on gifted subs throughout the year, and that’s not even counting the GoFundMe donations she did during the year, either, as she also revealed she’s in the top 10% of donors on the website.

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