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Corinna Kopf falls out of chair after receiving huge Twitch donation

Published: 31/Aug/2019 9:49 Updated: 31/Aug/2019 9:58

by Joe Craven


Twitch streamer and model Corinna Kopf had fans laughing at her expense when she took an unfortunate tumble, just after receiving an incredibly generous donation. 

Corinna Kopf started as a model and YouTuber, but has recently garnered Twitch fame thanks to her relationship with Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney. She has upwards of 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 350,000 Twitch followers.

On August 30 Kopf was streaming Epic Games’ Fortnite, when she received a particularly generous Twitch donation and a moment of hilarity ensued. 

YOUTUBE:CORINNA KOPFKopf and Tfue regularly made videos and streamed together.

Kopf was sat on her chair reading donations with her dog Carl, when one generous donor blew her away.

“Two hundred and fifty dollars!?” exclaimed Kopf, clearly taken aback by the stranger’s liberality. “And a hundred gifted subs!” Gifting subs is one way of supporting Twitch streamers, roughly equating to $5 per gifted subscriber. The total of the donation, therefore, is roughly $750. 

The model then slides forwards on her chair, which tips over and hilariously hits her on the back of the head on the way down. 

The moment was clipped and tweeted by Kopf, who joked that these donations “just hit different”. 

Kopf found the whole event hilarious, while Carl looked baffled by the whole event and politely waited for Kopf to return to her seat. 

100 Thieves streamer Valkyrae was one of many who responded to the video, tweeting that she “was not expecting that”. 

Twitch streamer reactions to massive donations are nothing new, with many going viral. Back in April, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was left speechless after receiving four massive donations in a short space of time. 


Twitch’s new stream “Boost” feature raises concern for smaller channels

Published: 3/Dec/2020 2:26

by Alan Bernal


Twitch is rolling out a new feature for eligible channels called “Boost this stream,” with the hopes of giving people an avenue to be featured on “highly visible parts” of the platform. However, there are concerns it’ll be damaging for the smaller streams trying to get noticed.

The new Community Challenge requires viewers to pool their Channel Points to unlock the reward. Streamers will get notified once the challenge is available on their channel, then will relay that to their community to start chipping away at the progress bar.

But there are concerns about its application. It’ll be on Twitch’s discretion for who gets to run the promotion as well as the target number to hit before a channel can be successfully Boosted.

The only hard number guideline with ‘Boost this stream’ is the 2,000 point limit that each user can contribute per day. Since individual streamers don’t know what their Boost target will be, some suggest this will be an easy feature to exploit.

“How is not going to be abused by larger streams with more viewers, and therefore a bigger pool?” one person wrote. “IMO channel points devoted for use with a Community Challenge should be weighted in value depending on viewership.”

Twitch responded saying “the amount of Channel Points required to successfully boost a stream is scaled with the size and viewership of the channel,” though a clear metric of how the cap increases wasn’t made available.

Another issue raised was the way Twitch would consider someone to be a ‘small streamer,’ seeing as they’ll be the likely candidates to receive the chance to get Boosted.

If it’s going by viewer count, then small streamers can be anything from 2-10 average viewers to 100-2000 live watchers per session. If it’s going by follower count or subscriber count, then that has its own implications as well.

But Boost is a wholly experimental feature that has a lot of variables still being workshopped. For example, in the FAQ, Twitch says that everything from what’s considered as a high visibility part of the site to who the feature is available as it rolls out could change.

As the company gets this feature into more users’ hands, expect Twitch to make adjustments depending on how Boost gets received throughout December.