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Corinna Kopf denies Aircool used a racist slur during Twitch hot tub stream

Published: 16/May/2021 14:32

by Calum Patterson


Twitch streamer Aircool has come under fire as some viewers believe he used a racist slur during a hot tub stream with Corinna Kopf and Alyssa Kulani. However, Corinna has hit back at the accusations, arguing that he was misheard.

For his birthday stream on May 14, Corinna invited fellow Twitch streamer Alyssa Kulani to participate in a hot tub stream with the duo.

The three streamers drank and entertained their viewers, and at one point Aircool tried his hand at a freestyle rap.

Aircool streaming on Twitch
Twitch: Aircool
Aircool has over 800,000 followers on Twitch.

During the rap, some viewers heard a racial slur, while others claim it was just misheard, and that he actually said “white d**k.”


This was also the defense put forward by Corinna when she saw a clip of the incident spreading on Twitter.

In response to a tweet of the clip from YouTuber Def Noodles, Kopf said, “What kind of report is that? No, he didn’t say the N word. he said “d**k a slangin” he’s drunk and he’s slurring his words. you can literally here the “d”. stop running with these sh*t narratives.”

In response to the dispute in the replies, Def Noodles posted a slowed version of the clip.

“Some have been saying Aircool is saying a word that sounds similar to the n-word,” Def Noodles posted. “This video does a slomo analysis of what Aircool is saying.”


At the time of writing, Aircool’s Twitch channel remains available, so it doesn’t appear any action has been taken over the clip. Aircool has not responded to the accusation publicly.

There have been previous cases of streamers being banned for using racist language, but later disputing the punishment claiming they were misheard.

On some occasions, Twitch has overturned their decision upon closer inspection. However, in the most prominent case of TF Blade, the streamer was adamant that he had been misheard, yet Twitch upheld the ban.

In December 2020, the platform issued a statement on the ‘N word’ specifically. They said “We’ve had questions about the use of the N word on Twitch. Use with a hard R is not allowed, period. We also automatically block the word across Twitch including in chat.


“Additionally, regardless of spelling or pronunciation, slurs used for the purpose of hate or harassment are not allowed.”

We will keep this story updated if Twitch takes action against Aircool, or if the streamer responds to the accusations.