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Entertainment • May 16, 2019

Controversial Twitch streamer wipes channel after showing too much during broadcast

Controversial Twitch streamer wipes channel after showing too much during broadcast
Credit - L: Unsplash / R: Meowri Instagram

A controversial streamer who was involved in getting two other Twitch partners banned for inappropriate comments has come under fire for revealing a little too much on stream.


JennaLynnMeowri, who goes by Meowri, was involved in a situation at PAX East 2019 where popular streamers MizKif and Esfand made a joke that one of them had received a blowjob from her.

The joke landed the pair with bans on both of their accounts weeks after the incident took place, taking many of their viewers by surprise due to the delay.


Meowri is a popular Cosplayer

It came to light on May 15 that Meowri had her legal team contact Twitch regarding the clips, because she didn’t want her unprofessional behavior featuring, despite knowing at the time that the pair were IRL streaming. It's believed that's why the bans took so long to placed upon the duo.

Speaking of her behavior, she expressed regret about what had happened “If a man had talked to a woman like that, he would have got so much shit, so that doesn’t make it ok for me to do it.”

The clip above has been rehosted by Streamable due to Meowri deleting her entire Twitch channel’s video history later in the broadcast. Meowri stood up to walk off stream, but due to wearing an extremely short outfit, it didn’t leave much to the imagination of her viewers.

Later on in her stream someone in the background advised her to shut everything down so they could wipe her channel.

Questions will now be asked of Twitch about whether it warrants a channel ban, with commentators on Reddit highlighting that this lack of clothing is something numerous other streamers have been banned for.

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