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Entertainment • Jan 15, 2019

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity accidentally shows 'dick pic' on stream

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity accidentally shows 'dick pic' on stream

The storylines keep getting better and better with Twitch streamer Alinity Divine after the latest events of her saga of controversy unfolded. 


The streamer, who's previously been involved in several situations that have required heavy damage control, accidentally showed a picture of a penis while she was in the middle a livestream. 

This happened as she was getting ready to splay some 'Jackbox' party games with her viewers and opened up her Discord channel to go over some instructions.


As she was in the middle of explaining something, she suddenly stopped short when she saw a funny but sexually suggestive GIF posted in her Discord chat.

However, she kept scrolling distractedly, at which point she came across an unfiltered image showing a penis clear as day, and despite her best efforts to close the page as quickly as possible, the damage had been done. 


Since the video is extremely NSFW, we have decide to link it rather than display it here directly. You can view the clip by clicking the image below or visiting the tweet HERE.

Although Alinity has been involved in numerous controversial situations before, almost all of which have gone viral across Twitch and social media, it's hard to blame her for this instance since someone clearly tried to sabotage her Discord channel with unwanted nudity.

Some may argue that she and her moderators should do a better job policing the Discord, but even for that is no foolproof method or process. 

As of this article's writing, Alinity's Twitch channel is still up and running, so Twitch have not yet handed out any punishment for this violation of terms of service and it's not yet clear if they plan on doing so. 

As mentioned above, this is certainly not the first time that Alinity has found herself in the public's eye. In the past, she has been accused of submitted ill-intended copyright strikes against YouTube giant 'Pewdiepie,' after he had joked about 'Twitch thots' in one of his meme videos.

More recently, she accidentally showed her email inbox on stream and one email revealed that she had sold undergarments to a patron during a time when she was financially unstable and needed money.

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