ConnorEatsPants lashes out at "dumb Minecraft kids" claiming Dream SMP made him famous - Dexerto

ConnorEatsPants lashes out at “dumb Minecraft kids” claiming Dream SMP made him famous

Published: 15/Jul/2021 8:42 Updated: 30/Jul/2021 16:29

by Andrew Amos


ConnorEatsPants has fired back at “dumb Minecraft kids” who claim he only became famous on Twitch thanks to Dream’s SMP server. While his numbers have gone up since, Connor says if other SMP streamers like JSchlatt come to Twitch, he’s not under threat.

ConnorEatsPants might have been a prominent Twitch star before his Dream SMP server debut in November 2020, but playing on the Minecraft server catapulted him to the next level.

His stream boomed from around 2,000 average viewers to over 10,000, and he became an integral part of the storyline. However, since going back to his variety roots, Connor hasn’t been too worried about his future.


The Minecraft stans, though, see a different story. Some believe that if other SMP creators like JSchlatt swaps to streaming on Twitch, he won’t have a future on the platform.

Connor dismissed that, and asked the SMP fanbase to “leave me the f**k alone”.

ConnorEatsPants Twitch
Twitch: ConnorEatsPants
Connor is here to stay on Twitch, whether the Dream SMP stans like it or not, he says.

“I barely share any viewers with JSchlatt you f**king idiot,” Connor said on stream, replying to a question in chat.

“I hate how it tilts me. It gives them ammo. These f**king Minecraft kids dude that don’t watch me say sh*t like this, and it really gets under my skin.


“I get tweets like this, I get messages. I don’t get it. I don’t get it why you dumbass Minecraft band kids have no social skills, have no actual lives outside of ‘by the way I don’t watch you because I watch JSchlatt.’ He then added: “Please get off the internet and get a life, and never speak to me again.”

He asked that Minecraft stans that believe this “don’t ever come back to my livestream”, and should instead wait for CallMeCarson to make his return (which has been rumored to be soon).

“No one will ever love you because of your immature behavior online. Let me just explain this to you right now: Please don’t ever come back to my livestream. Please don’t talk about me again.


“You can go back and watch ‘ConnorEatsPants favourite Twitch compilation SMP funny moments’ and relive your glory days of early 2019. Wait for Carson to come back. He’s coming back in just a few months, just wait and you can enjoy yourself there.

“Your time will come, but for now, please do not watch my livestream. I’m doing my own thing, I’m enjoying myself, I’m having a great time streaming. If you are one of those kids, please never come back here.”