Conjoined TikTok stars reveal they don’t share a boyfriend

TikTok famous conjoined twins explain how their dating lives workInstagram: carmen_andrade2000

22-year-old conjoined twins Lupita and Carmen Andrade opened up about their love lives in a tell-all Q&A video after users got curious about how they manage intimacy.

Lupita and Carmen Andrade are conjoined twins who have become internet-famous influencers. The duo boast over 3 million followers on TikTok, where they document their daily lives and even answer questions from fans.

Recently, the twins appeared in a New York Post article that pointed out that, on top of sharing a bloodstream, the girls also share a reproductive system…and only one of them has a boyfriend.

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Curious commenters instantly speculated how the twins manage intimacy. Luckily, they have addressed such questions on TikTok, which is currently racking up hundreds of thousands of views after being re-posted on Twitter.

In their video, Carmen clarified that no, they do not share a boyfriend, and Lupita “doesn’t want anyone.” In fact, Lupita identifies as asexual and aromantic, and neither of the girls wants to have kids.

“Can’t have kids, don’t want kids,” Carmen said. “My partner feels the same way.”

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TikTok-famous conjoined explain how their dating lives work

The duo also answered similar questions in a YouTube video with Jubilee in 2022, where Carmen claimed that she hadn’t actually been intimate with her boyfriend, Daniel.

“We obviously had to have a discussion on what boundaries are okay and what aren’t,” Carmen explained. “We’re not intimate in that way, and he’s okay with that.”

Carmen also said that marriage is “not really in the front of my mind nor the back of my mind at the moment, because we are 21. Whoever I’m currently dating, or in the future might be dating, I’d prefer to be life partners than actual marriage.”

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The girls are also working toward similar career paths, with Lupita aiming for being a veterinary assistant while Carmen wants to be a vet tech.

It’s clear that the twins have a positive outlook on life — although they say they’re tired of “invasive questions” from people on the internet at this point.

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