Concerns raised after disturbing videos of YouTube star Lia Marie Johnson go viral

Instagram: lia

Concerns have been raised over the current welfare of YouTube star Lia Marie Johnson following a number of Instagram Live videos that went viral on social media.

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Lia Marie Johnson is a YouTuber and singer who grew to internet fame thanks to her appearance on the REACT channels produced by Fine Bros. Entertainment.

In 2015, Johnson stopped appearing on the REACT shows entirely, instead focusing on her own YouTube channel and her blossoming music career, announcing that she signed a record deal with Capitol Records. While Johnson is well known on YouTube and has a huge following on Instagram, her recent livestreams on the site have worried fans and onlookers.

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Instagram: liaJohnson rose to fame as part of REACT before branching off into her own YouTube success.
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Why are people worried about Lia Marie Johnson?

Starting on Wednesday, May 8 and continuing into May 9, the 22-year-old broadcasted a number of times on Instagram Live, with many watching her stating that her behavior appeared manic and strange, some even raised concerns that she was perhaps in the midst of some sort of breakdown.

In the videos, Johnson’s speech is slurred and slow, with the YouTuber laughing uncontrollably while mumbling to her phone, saying: “Who’s actually going to want to hear anything that I have to say?”

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In the same video, Johnson can be seen laughing hysterically, and then suddenly becoming extremely emotional, bursting into tears when describing a woman who walks past her every day, but hasn’t told Johnson her name, then immediately composing herself before claiming that “no human is worth understanding.”

At the end of the video, Johnson tells her viewers that she is “not high” but that her boyfriend thinks she is crazy and now that he has left her she has to “keep going on other drugs.” What type of drugs she is referring to is unclear and unconfirmed.

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In a second clip, an upset Johnson tells her audience that nobody wants her, before shouting at the camera saying: “Fuck all of you that have [a mom or a dad], and fuck all of you that get to go to college. I didn’t go to college. Can’t get a job as a fucking barista because it’s fucking difficult.”

Clip starts at in 6:50 video below.

Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem also uploaded a clip from her livestream to his Twitter account, in which she states that she is finished with YouTube because “it just wasn’t for [her] anymore.”

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“It was never for me,” Johnson tells a viewer who she invited to stream with her. “It was for everyone else.”

KEEMSTAR called the clip “powerful,” before stating that he believes she was “on drugs.”

In the aftermath of the livestream, one of Johnson’s friends named Alicia ‘urthgirl’ Eris posted an image on her Instagram story, thanking people for their concern for Johnson, before asking people to “not judge anyone.”

“You don’t know their life personally,” wrote Eris. “Social media is very calculated, people show you what they want you to see. Please stop spreading the hate. The world needs more love, if you see someone struggling why tear them down even more? I love Lia with all my heart, it’s not my place to speak on her behalf.”

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A statement released by Johnson’s friend Alicia Eris on Instagram.

A number of Johnson’s fans have come out in support of her, sharing their worry at the current situation Johnson appears to be in, including one who uploaded a video breaking down her videos and why he was concerned for her well-being. 

Others have used Twitter to express their concern, with many saying they were “upset” by the videos, and pleading with her to get help. 

Lia Marie Johnson’s social media accounts have remained inactive since the the broadcasts in question but many fans continue to wish her the best and express a hope that she finds help and some peace after the concerning outburst.