Cole Carrigan claims Tana Mongeau hired a hacker to delete his social media

Instagram: Tana Mongeau/ Instagram: Cole Carrigan

Beauty influencer Cole Carrigan has claimed that fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau hired a hacker to delete all of his social media accounts in a string of dramatic posts on his Instagram story. 

Neither internet personality is shy of getting involved in drama; however, Cole Carrigan appeared to make some very serious claims against Tana Mongeau on Tuesday, March 16.

Posting several screenshots to his Instagram story, Cole directly tagged Tana and explained that all of his social media accounts were currently being hacked into.

At first, Cole posted a screenshot of a cease and desist note via text message, which appears to have come from Tana’s lawyer, in which he is told that he must pay $100,000 after breaching a contract he signed. Cole tagged Tana and added, “Hey babe, can you tell your lawyer to spell my name right before trying to sue me for a hundred thousand dollars?”

Cole Carrigan and Tana Mongeau drinking on a private jetInstagram: Cole Carrigan
Cole and Tana have often be spotted drinking and partying together

Without giving much detail as to what he was referring to, Cole explained that “this sh*t happens on the DAILY,” and while he is normally seen as “problematic,” he believes everyone else is too scared to speak about what presumably happens behind the scenes.

“The only reason no one speaks up and says some shit is because they’re so manipulated and mindf***d by the power trip of money and fame, and I am so done with that because I’ve experienced it all, and it’s not worth losing sight of who you really are,” he wrote.

Cole Carrigan accuses Tana Mongeau of hacking his social mediaInstagram: Cole Carrigan
Cole accused others of being too afraid to speak up

Soon after, Cole began to post screenshots of evidence that his social media accounts were being hacked, including his Instagram, YouTube, and even his emails, appearing to receive several text messages that new logins had been detected.

Cole claimed, “They paid for a hacker premium subscription to hack my Yahoo account to get into my YouTube,” before adding, “@tanamongeau can you f***ing stop? Leave me alone.”

Cole Carrigan accuses Tana Mongeau of hacking his social mediaInstagram: Cole Carrigan
Cole posted screenshots of suspicious texts he had received

A more detailed tweet that Cole screenshotted read, “If anyone was wondering, it says ‘Frisco Texas’ because Tana Mongeau has a hacker named Eli for years that she’s paid to keep her shit unhacked. He lives in Frisco, Texas and I’ve known him for years because I am also from Frisco, Texas.”

Cole Carrigan accuses Tana Mongeau of hacking his social mediaInstagram: Cole Carrigan
The influencer revealed the story behind the legally binding contract

Cole revealed that his Twitter had been suspended, his YouTube channel was gone, and even appeared to show that new email addresses were being added to his various accounts, leaving only his Instagram free.  Cole finally wrote, “@tanamongeau you have a big storm coming.”

As for the circumstances behind the alleged contract, Cole appeared to text someone saying, “She has anyone who enters the house sign one. She actually made my boyfriend at the time cancel his flight to meet us in Colorado because she was worried he was going to hear something she didn’t want him to and was going to make him sign like 10 sheets of paperwork.”

In an Instagram live, he said that he would be suing Tana back, and described her as “psychotic.” Meanwhile, Tana has remained silent.