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Cole Carrigan claims he had a secret love affair with YouTuber who became a boxer

Published: 13/May/2021 12:30 Updated: 13/May/2021 13:08

by Alice Hearing


Beauty influencer Cole Carrigan has suggested in a now-deleted TikTok that he had a secret love affair with a YouTuber who became a boxer, and rumors are starting to fly. 

Cole Carrigan is a YouTuber and beauty guru who was formerly a part of Jake Paul’s Team 10 house, however, he left after tensions grew between him and other members.

Cole has often been involved in drama within the creator community. In May 2019 he claimed vine star Cameron Dallas threw water over him in a move motivated by homophobia. Last year he also accused ACE family’s Austin McBroom of rape, and has been accused of scamming his own fans.


Cole Carrigan and Tana Mongeau drinking on a private jet
Instagram: Cole Carrigan
Cole Carrigan accused Tana Mongeau of hacking into his social media

More recently, Cole accused ex-bestfriend Tana Mongeau of hacking into all of his social media accounts. Posting several screenshots to his Instagram story, Cole directly tagged Tana and explained that all of his social media accounts were currently being hacked into.

Cole posted a screenshot of a cease and desist note via text message, which appears to have come from Tana’s lawyer, in which he is told that he must pay $100,000 after breaching a contract he signed and went on to post several more revealing screenshots that suggested Tana was involved.

This week, Cole posted a TikTok with a new claim, writing “When you have a secret love affair with another YouTuber/old roommate but he ended up becoming a professional boxer and forgot about you.”


Cole Carrigan TikTok claiming he had secret love affair with YouTuber
TikTok: ColeCarrigan1
Cole posted a TikTok spilling some tea

However, since posting, Cole’s TikTok account has allegedly been permanently banned and he has set up a new account called “ColeNotCarrigan” in which he expanded on the situation.

First, he claimed that Tana was the reason behind the ban on his main TikTok account, commenting “It’s really f**ked up that because she has power, [she] can just get my accounts deleted that I work extremely hard to build? I won’t be silenced.”

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@colenotcarrigani’m upset because Paris Hilton followed my other account you selfish bitch ##fyp ##foryou ##colecarrigan ##SipIntoSummer ##fy♬ original sound – Cole Carrigan

In the following video, Cole added “After all that tea I finally spilled I guess it was too much for her to handle,” and insisted that he would be reuploading all of the videos from his old account.


As for the identity of the YouTuber Cole is referring to, the clues appear to point to Jake Paul, as the creator of Team 10 and boxing champion, however, nothing has been confirmed.