CohhCarnage Twitch viewer lied about record-breaking $600,000 donation

CohhCarnage fake twitch donation 600k charity streamTwitch: CohhCarnage

Twitch star ‘CohhCarnage’ thought he raised $1 million for charity across his two massive birthday streams, breaking all his goals. However, the record-breaking $600,000 donation made to top it off was apparently faked by a viewer.

CohhCarnage is known for being community-minded and charitable on Twitch. Using his leverage on the platform ⁠— where he averages 10,000 concurrent viewers, as well as holds nearly 1.4 million followers ⁠— he tries to promote good causes.

For his birthday, he undertook his biggest charity drive yet, trying to raise money for St. Jude’s. He asked his viewers to donate, with goals and challenges set all the way up to $1 million, including a hot tub stream.

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He originally thought he got to $337,915 at the end of the day, pushing him over the line to do three PC giveaways, a painting stream ala Bob Ross, and put on a few different outfits for his next streams (like a Cat Onesie and a Banana suit).

However, one viewer blew that out of the water with a near $600,000 donation. The viewer reportedly donated $588,971 to the charity to bring CohhCarnage’s donation total to $926,886.

The donation was the single largest one in Twitch history to a streamer ⁠— even if it was in the name of charity. The receipts were reportedly verified with Cohh as the viewer claimed it was too big for Tiltify to process.

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He was so close to $1 million that he put on a second stream the day later, for four hours, to break it. He did, pushing it over the donation goal to run a hot tub stream.

But, a week later, the viewer ⁠— who was “a big part” of Cohh’s community ⁠— admitted the donation was faked. The viewer forged bank statements and the donation screenshot and told the streamer he was “being accused of a money laundering crime” by the police.

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“It was a situation where he thought he was being nice,” CohhCarnage said on a July 2 stream.

The viewer made the ‘donation’ through the St. Jude’s website but apparently used the wrong SWIFT code in his forged receipts because it “has a typo”.

Cohh apologized to his community for accepting such a large donation in the first place without being diligent in verifying it.

“Who is at fault here? The donator lied, sure. That’s a given. But I jumped the gun. I counted the money as there before it had been confirmed,” he said in a Twitlonger.

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However, he’s still going to follow through on all his promises that were broken because of the mega donation, including the special hot tub stream.

“I will still be doing all donation incentives as if we had actually made that million. You guys really came through and did something special. It wasn’t your fault that this happened, it’s mine. And I’m definitely not going to screw you out of what you thought you were getting.”

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“If anything, I’ve learned enough to make sure something like this never happens again.

“And to any other streamers who, unfortunately, may be in a similar situation, don’t be like me and let yourself get fooled. Count the money as donated when it’s actually there.”

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