CohhCarnage suggests fix to ‘scam’ hype trains on Twitch

Twitch / CohhCarnage

Popular streamer Ben ‘CohhCarnage’ Cassell has suggested a way for Twitch to fix hype trains, sometimes dubbed “scam trains” by rewarding viewers with something that is more valuable upon completion.

Released in January 2020, Twitch introduced The Hype Train – sometimes jokingly referred to as “The Scam Train” – to the platform. The Hype Train is a community-driven challenge that is kicked off during an influx of donations and subscriptions to a streamer based on a threshold set.

Viewers can participate and help try to fill the Hype-o-Meter which goes up to five tiers by using Bits, subscribing, and gifting subs. With each tier hit, participants will receive emotes to use in chat at the end of the goal.

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However, as pointed out by CohhCarnage, the Hype Train doesn’t provide much value to the viewers.

Twitch Hype Train emote rewardsTwitch
Viewers are rewarded with emotes upon completion of the Hype Train.

In a tweet on January 6, the veteran streamer CohhCarnage, who began his career on Twitch in 2013, gave suggestions on how the platform can fix the Hype Train.

Hype Trains are jokingly called Scam Trains on Twitch because viewers get nothing from them,” claimed CohhCarnage. “The current emotes provided are not wanted or used.”

The streamer continued, requesting that streamers get to upload five custom emotes that can be unlocked by viewers: “Let us put 5 custom emotes in there. Everyone in the channel gets them unlocked with the levels for 24 hours. Huge win for everyone.”

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CohhCarnage continued in another tweet backing up that everybody wins if Twitch makes the change: “Viewers will get 5 emotes for a while just for being there and enjoying the show. Partners will get 5 more emote slots (which every partner wants).”

Twitch gets more money as everyone will want to turn on their trains and get them used to get out the emotes. Everybody wins.”

Fans are generally on board with the proposed idea: “This is a really good idea,” said one follower, with another fan agreeing, “that would be nice.”

Cohh’s suggestion has not received a public response from Twitch as of yet, but given how open the platform is to ideas by viewers and streamers alike, it could be a possible and positive change we see in the future for the Hype Trains.

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