CohhCarnage disappointed in The Game Award’s “disrespectful” streamer ads

Millions of viewers tuned in to The Game Awards 2021 and streamers everywhere were invited to co-stream the event. However, CohhCarnage is one of many streamers who felt disrespected by the event’s advertisements.

The Game Awards is arguably gaming’s most anticipated annual event. While E3 and other large gameshows are geared solely towards big reveals, The Game Awards is a hybrid reward and reveal show.

Inevitably, the live show can’t possibly live up to the hype that Geoff Keighly builds weeks beforehand. Despite the reveal of some incredible games, The Game Award 2021 left many viewers and streamers disappointed.

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One of the most vocal streamers was CohhCarnage. He wasn’t disappointed in the overall content but felt disrespected by the number of ads asking his streamers to go to their channels instead.

CohhCarnage feels “disrespected” by Game Awards

CohhCarnage TwitchTwitch: CohhCarnage
CohhCarnage is one of Twitch’s largest streamers and has been on the platform since 2013

During a stream where Cohh recapped what was revealed at The Game Awards, he shared his feelings regarding the live show’s ads. According to Cohh, there were 4 to 5 ads throughout the show that advertised co-streams on other channels.

Cohh stated, “It was incredibly disheartening and felt relatively disrespectful to be invited to watch a show on my Twitch channel, and then multiple times have advertisements taking up the show of the show basically asking my audience to go watch another Twitch stream.”

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He also stated that he felt these ads were “cheapening the experience”. Once again, Cohh expressed that he felt disrespected as his co-stream was a way of helping Geoff Keighly reach a broader audience.

Cohh wasn’t the only streamer who felt these ads were disrespectful. AvoidingThePuddle made various similar comments during his co-stream, and Sodapoppin called the show “the biggest waste of my three hours”.

On top of the streamer ads, The Game Awards also features a Content Creator of the Year award. This award is essentially a free advertisement for a content creator, but even this year’s winner Dream felt like someone else should have won.

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