CodeMiko reveals “dumbest idea ever” idea to test Twitch’s TOS

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Code Miko Dumbest idea ever Twitch TOS
Twitch: CodeMiko

Twitch streamer CodeMiko detailed a conversation she had with her partnership manager where she asked them about content ideas to test Twitch’s TOS, one of which was dubbed the “dumbest idea ever.”

CodeMiko may not be the top streamer on Twitch, but with almost a million followers she’s definitely made a name for herself with her antics and hilarious VTuber streams.

Her avatar has gone wild on multiple occasions, and Miko was banned (and then unbanned) from the platform recently after broadcasting an “uncensored” stream with her avatar.

Now, Miko revealed that she was mentioning content ideas to her Twitch partnership manager to see if they would break TOS, and the last one was dubbed the “dumbest idea ever.”

CodeMiko reveals ideas to test Twitch TOS

CodeMiko explained that she ran ideas past her partnership manager Pluto during her recent stream, in an attempt to make sure she doesn’t break Twitch TOS and receive her fifth ban.

“I asked Pluto: ‘Hey, is projectile diarrhea out of my a*s against Twitch TOS?’ and he said yes,” she explained. “Then, I asked if censored projectile diarrhea was against TOS. He replied and said that we should stick to vomiting.

“Then, we came up with this idea. What if I put a face where my butt is, and then that face projectile vomits?”

Miko then explained that her manager didn’t respond for a while, but when he did, he said: “LOL. That is the dumbest idea I think that anyone has ever brought to me.”

Miko quickly questioned whether or not his response was a no to her idea, so she asked for clarification.

At the time of writing, it’s unknown what her manager said in response. We’ll update this article if she ever talks about the topic again, or if we see the scene play out during an upcoming stream.

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