CodeMiko speechless as Twitch avatar goes wild during hot tub stream

. 4 months ago

Popular VTuber ‘CodeMiko’ was left speechless on-air during a virtual hot tub stream. Tech issues cropped up as part of the bikini-clad experience, and the normally talkative streamer was unable to say anything as a physics error became the sole focus of the stream.

CodeMiko has again cemented her stream as one of the best places on Twitch for content you’re guaranteed to find nowhere else.

Over the past two years, the self-described ‘glitchy’ VTuber has amassed a solid list of 853k followers. All oddball fans of her closely controlled chaos.

On March 7, the technician behind the VTuber lost her normally tight control over the avatar as her chest started ricocheting around in response to any movement or turns that were made around the tub.

CodeMiko breaks the laws of physics during stream.
CodeMiko breaks the laws of physics during stream.

CodeMiko was seen to be stunned into silence at first, but after an exasperated few seconds exclaimed “Every time I have to turn it’s just this. Over and over again.”

Unsure about how well she would be able to maintain the stream she asked: “How am I meant to stream like this?”

In typical Miko fashion, the streamer managed to shrug it off with humor. “Oh my god, they’re clapping. Great, now my boobs know how to clap.”

Miko’s chat was seen to respond with all the self-control that can be expected from her fans, claiming that “they’re now sentient” and “if you’re happy and you know it clap your…”

Overall, CodeMiko managed to maintain composure throughout the technical issue, and turned it into the, frankly hilarious, piece of content we now have. It’s excellent seeing a streamer in this situation truly channel N*E*R*D and Rhianna by taking lemons and making lemonade. 

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