CoconutB explains what really happened in controversial Rust Twitch Rivals event

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A streamer on Team DisguisedToast in the $100,000 Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle revealed more of how the competition reached a boiling point which eventually ended things a day early.

Twitch broadcaster ‘CoconutB’ gave more context to the moment that started a rift with some in Team Alexby11 as concerns of competitive integrity violations started to mount during the games.

Discrepancies covered everything from accusations of participants being “disrespectful” to alleged favoritism for one of the teams, but the situation came to a head after an apparent violation of the rules by the NA reps.

After being labeled a “villain” of the Twitch Rivals event, CoconutB reviewed the tape and explained more about his side of the situation that was a big point of discussion after the event wrapped.

A clip that shows Team DisguisedToast members, including CoconutB, made the rounds as proof of them cheating. But the streamer explains it as retaliating against their foes for doing the exact same to them earlier in the event.

“For context, the Spanish team came to our spawn and spawn-camped us at our base,” he said. “So we did the same. We laddered into their base and spawn-camped them the same way they did us.

“Upon being in the base, the admins intervened and said we are not allowed to take their loot. So we deposited all their loot back. However, the door that was originally opened to let me in was closed.”

According to CoconutB, not everyone from Team Alexby11 held to that structure, so NA players took it upon themselves to respond in kind.

But once they were in the opponent’s keep, the door they used to sneak in was closed, making it impossible for them to leave.

Twitch wanted the two teams to use the first couple of days to build up their faction, while allowing an all-out base raid on the final day of action.

As issues started to mount, teams started to bow out of the Twitch Rivals. Eventually, DisguisedToast’s side would take the win while Spanish streamer ‘Nemereth’ took the $2,000 bonus for the player with the most kills.