CM Punk explains how Logan & Jake Paul are like “old-school wrestlers”

Alec Mullins
Cm Punk with Logan and Jake Paul in header image

Pro wrestling’s CM Punk recently explained how Logan & Jake Paul have successfully brought a touch of old-school wrestling drama to the world of boxing promotion, and why it seems to be working for them. 

As someone who has dealt in the worlds of Mixed Martial Arts and professional wrestling, CM Punk has a unique outlook on the fighting careers of the Ohio-born Paul brothers.

In an interview on ESPN’s SportsNation, the Chicago native explained that he thinks that the duo’s success is due to how they embrace the drama and storylines, similar to the way the wrestling business works.

CM Punk compares Logan & Jake Paul’s boxing success to wrestling

CM Punk appearing on Sportsnation on ESPN
Punk, 43, transitioned from pro wrestling to combat sports for seven years before returning to the squared circle.

When asked how he feels about the Paul brothers’ involvement in boxing, Punk highlighted the duality between the worlds of pro wrestling and boxing: “For lack of a better term, it’s old-school pro wrestling, right? You could say they’re crossing over, but there is so many similarities between the businesses.”

He went on to say that he respects the duo for committing to the sport and putting their bodies on the line: “People want to see them get knocked out, they know this, but they’re putting themselves out there… I’ll never criticize — in a negative way or fashion — anybody who makes the walk, anybody who trains their a** off, because I did it and I know what it takes.”

Jake and Logan Paul squaring up in boxing gloves
Instagram: Logan Paul.
Jake & Logan Paul have both reached impressive heights for fighters with such young careers.

Punk also had high praise for the brothers’ business-savvy decisions and compared them to Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey, who both had successful turns with the WWE after their respective fighting careers were over.

The former MMA fighter closed out by suggesting that the Pauls have nailed what’s most important about the entire business: “The bottom line is about making money, and if you’re making money, you’re technically not doing anything wrong.”